The BDIAP as a Nominating Body for ACCEA

The BDIAP became a nominating Specialist Society to put forward names for consideration by ACCEA for the first time in 2007 and supplied ACCEA with ranked lists of applicants for Bronze (level 9), Silver (level 10) and Gold (level 11) awards, to be considered in subsequent rounds.

UK members of the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology are reminded that the BDIAP is able to support a limited number of nominations for national (not local) Clinical Excellence Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels in England & Wales. National Distinction Awards in Scotland were suspended in 2009/10; the Scottish Government has stated that it has no intention of returning to them. A different process operates in Northern Ireland, over which the BDIAP has no influence.

Further Guidance on the BDIAP process here

Details are given and forms are available on the following website:

BDIAP members wishing to be considered for support should send their completed set of application forms to and our deadline for applications from Consultants employed in England and Wales is 5.00pm, Friday 15 April 2016.

Late submissions will not be considered under any circumstances.

Each request for support from the BDIAP should be accompanied by a covering letter highlighting the applicant’s particular contributions to histopathology, and to the BDIAP and its stated objectives, namely the promotion of excellence in the practice of pathology through education and research.

ACCEA does not invite nominations for Platinum award from specialist

You will be aware that ACCEA can only accept applications via the online
application system; however, candidates may copy and paste their work from
the attached Word versions into the online system when it becomes available
should they wish to do so