The British Division attempts to live up to its aims, including our obligation to assist the development of pathology in less well developed countries.

There are two specific areas where we need your help.

The First, surprisingly, is information. Where help can best be given? We receive relatively few applications for assistance, probably because when we advertise the availability of our schemes, such as the BDIAP Bursary, and the BDIAP Travel Bursary, our advertisements do not reach those in most need.

Therefore, if you have personal experience of an individual or an institution in an underdeveloped coutry which could benefit from one of our schemes, please inform any member of the Council.

Second, do you have any unwanted journals? The BDIAP participates in a scheme which sends copies of scientific journals to institutions which cannot afford them. We distribute a few copies of Histopathology, the Division's journal, direct from the publisher; but the demand is greater than the supply. If you have piles of journals cluttering up your home or office, do not throw them away; let us know. Not all will be useful, but we will be ablt to advise you on whenther they can be put to a far better use, at no cost to yourself.