British Division of the International Academy of Pathology

Material for the BDIAP Website

The BDIAP is grateful for your help in giving a presentation at one of our Scientific Meetings.

Council of the British Division has agreed that, wherever possible, a summary of such presentations should be made available on the BDIAP Website. I would therefore be grateful if you would let me have something suitable, preferably in electronic form. These will be placed in the members only area which requires a password to access.

There is no prescribed format or length for this summary, but a full transcript is certainly not expected. The main aim is to permit pathologists who attended the session to obtain a summary in convenient form. For example, members often comment that months later they encounter a case which resembles an entity they recall being described at a meeting, but they do not have enough notes to confirm the relevance of that memory. Hence bullet point lists (for example, of diagnostic features) and lists of references are likely to be particularly useful.

Please do NOT supply material for which someone else holds the copyright, e.g. material published in scientific journals.

The usual format would be a Powerpoint presentation saved as a pdf file and optimised to decrease the file size. Several other formats are acceptable for text. In order of preference:

  1. A html file, Emailed to me at the address below
  2. A word processor document, preferably MS Word, Emailed to me as an attachment
  3. Either of the above on a CD, posted to me
  4. Simply Email the whole text.

Many thanks.

Dr Stephen Wells, Webmaster, BDIAP