The BDIAP and social media

The BDIAP is finally catching up with social media. At the top right-hand corner of your website you can now see five icons which link to our social media pages. The icon on the left links through to our main Twitter feed which is edited by our trainee counsellors – Katie Allen and Matthew Clarke. They put announcements about the forthcoming meetings for the BDIAP and any other news on the Twitter feed. This information is obviously available on the main BDIAP website but the advantage of subscribing to the Twitter feed is that the announcements come to you rather than you having to actively look at the website every week or so for new announcements. The icon on the far right is also a Twitter feed and this is the new feed from our journal Histopathology where announcements about new issues of the journal and specific articles within it will be posted. In between these two Twitter icons there are icons that click through to our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Katie Allen edits the Facebook pages and Sam Keily, our Education and Divisional Manager, keeps the Instagram and LinkedIn pages going. We realise there is probably a distinct split in our membership between those who do, or don’t, use social media but they are now available for everyone to use by clicking on these icons.