Join the BDIAP

Membership of the society is open to medical and veterinary practitioners actively engaged in Pathology who are permanently resident in North West Europe. Pathologists from other parts of the world may also join, but are expected first to have become members of their local Division of the IAP.

The British Division organises at least two Scientific Meetings each year at which a selected topic is dealt with in some depth. The Division is, in the main, composed of practising Histopathologists and meetings are planned accordingly. A Slide Seminar on previously circulated sections is an integral part of most meetings.

To become a member you require to be nominated and seconded by two members of the Division not in training and subsequently recommended by the Council for election. Members of the Council review applications every three months and you will be contacted following approval.

Members who are elected during the course of the year will have the choice of taking up their membership either immediately on receipt of appropriate payment (see above) or from 1 January of the following year. You may attend meetings after applying for membership and prior to election.

Please download this form, complete it and send a scanned PDF version of it to the BDIAP Administrator, Carol Harris,

Affiliate membership for Biomedical Scientists

Biomedical Scientists who either hold or are in training for either a Master’s degree or the Institute’s Diploma of Expert Practice in Histological Dissection will be eligible for an affiliate membership.

Biomedical Scientists interested in becoming members should fill in the application for membership form and send a scanned PDF version to .

Applications will require a proposer and seconder who are medically qualified full BDIAP members.

The annual fee will be £10 per year without subscription to Histopathology, or £95 with subscription to Histopathology

Membership rights include access to educational material via the website and reduced registration fees for BDIAP meetings (or other meetings where BDIAP members obtain discounts).

Affiliate membership does not include the right to vote on BDIAP matters

Subscription rates for 2017 are set at:

Membership, including Histopathology  £95
Membership, including Histopathology with Laboratory Investigation or Modern Pathology  £160
Membership, including Histopathology with Laboratory Investigation and Modern Pathology £225
Senior membership (Retired Members only; no journals) £10
Trainee members (5 years maximum, includes Histopathology, please state National Training Number on your application form) £10
Affiliate Membership for Biomedical Scientists, without Histopathology £10
Affiliate Membership for Biomedical Scientists, including Histopathology £95