Travel Bursaries

The British Division of the IAP is able to offer a limited number of Travel Bursaries to its Members.

These are intended to support the cost of overseas travel undertaken by UK Members of the British Division, where the journey is one which may be expected to further the aims of the British Division.

The purpose of these Travel Bursaries is flexible, but they are particularly intended to support visits by members of the British Division to meetings of other IAP Divisions, especially where the member of the British Division is providing some input to the meeting, and especially if the Division in question has relatively limited resources to support the cost of travel. This is regarded as a means by which the BDIAP will support training in pathology in less affluent parts of the world.

Council of the BDIAP is also keen to encourage trainee members of the BDIAP to apply for these Travel Bursaries, subject to the trainee member presenting relevant material at the meeting.

A Travel Bursary will provide up to £500 (Five hundred UK pounds) towards the cost of travel and accommodation. Meeting registration fees, where required, will be reimbursed in addition.

Requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by appropriate receipts.

A member is not entitled to more than one Travel Bursary in any two-year period.

As the function of these Travel Bursaries is flexible, there is no formal application procedure. Proposals and requests should be addressed to the Divisional Editor of the British Division. Contact details and email address for the Divisional Editor are available on this website under Members of Council of the BDIAP.

More information may be available from:

Nabila Jamaluddin
Administrative Assistant
0207 4848 049