Foundation Taster Event

29 June 2019
Royal College of Pathologists, 6 Alie Street, London E1 8QT

The newly launched RCPath Foundation Taster Scheme is an exciting opportunity for foundation doctors to explore pathology and see what the career has to offer. It combines a clinical taster day in your region with an event to be held in our fantastic new RCPath College building, sponsored by the BDIAP.

Come and meet consultants and trainees from each of the major specialties and talk to them about the work they do, what the training involves and the variety of opportunities that are available for trainees to pursue. You will receive advice about the application process and how to be successful at interview, as well as how to pursue academic and research opportunities in pathology. You will also be able to put the pathology specialties to the test: can they help you to diagnose what is wrong with the mystery unconscious patient in the park?!

Also make the most of the chance to submit a pathology-related poster to give you another line on your application and a potential prize of £100 from the ACP.

At the event you will be given support to organise your own clinical taster day in a specialty of interest to you.

If you have been considering applying for specialist training in pathology and would like to know more about the different subspecialties of pathology, make sure you register for this event to explore the exciting opportunities that our specialty has to offer you!

Please visit Foundation Taster Day to register!

A deposit of £20 is required to attend. Delegates that attend the Taster Day will have their deposit refunded with an Amazon voucher at the end of the day.