Haematopathology 2014

BDIAP 108th Symposium on Haematopathology Joint Meeting of the BDIAP and BLPG was held at at-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB on 15th – 17th May 2014

To access pdf versions of the presentations, follow the links from the titles of the presentations.

WHO, what, where when, how? Lymphoma classification and hot topics in lymphoma pathology – Liz Soilleux, Oxford

We are all Europeans now… The Euroclonality project for IGH and TCR PCR – Dr Bridget Wilkins, London

EBV is everywhere Why EBV is so important in lymphoma biology – Dr Stefan Dojcinov, Cardiff

Venting the spleen Spleen pathology in an era of morcellation – Dr Bridget Wilkins, London

Beautiful bone marrows Making sense of all things myeloid – Dr Zbigniew Rudski, Birmingham

High Grade Extranodal Lymphomas – Professor Judith Ferry, Boston, USA

Making the most of lymph node specimens – Dr Joya Pawade, Bristol

What is the cellular pathologist’s role in molecular diagnostics for lymphoma? – Professor Kikkeri Narresh, London

Fine-needle aspiration and haematopathology (esp. flow cytometry and cytoblocks) – Dr Mufaddal Moonim, London

Approach to core biopsy specimens – Dr Stefan Dojcinov, Wales

What is expected of me when the diagnosis is being made in my regional centre? – Dr Andrew Jack, Leeds

Should we challenge the IOG dogma – models for delivery of haematopathology – Dr Maria Calaminici, London

Keynote Lecture: Lymphoma classification update. Where are the grey zones now? – Professor Laurence de Leval

Keynote Lecture: Lymphomas presenting at non-nodal sites: the many faces of MALT lymphoma. – Prof. Judith Ferry, Boston, USA