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The BDIAP organises an Annual Symposium which takes place each November/December, at which a selected topic is dealt with in some depth. A slide seminar on previously circulated sections is an integral part of this meeting.

The BDIAP AGM normally takes place at the Annual Symposium.

Below is a list of previously held Annual Symposia.

BDIAP Members can view past meeting material by logging in to the member portal.

Previous programmes

Topic Year Programme
Urological Pathology (joint with BAUP) 2021 Urological Pathology Programme
No annual symposium took place in 2020 2020 -
Gynaecological 2019 Gynaecological Pathology Programme
Lower GI Pathology 2018 Lower GI Pathology Programme
Breast Pathology 2017 Breast Pathology Programme
Upper Gastrointestinal Pathology 2016 Upper GI Programme

Details of future symposia can be found in the Future BDIAP Meetings area of the website.