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Who can apply?

Membership of the Society is open to medical and veterinary practitioners actively engaged in Pathology who are permanently resident in North West Europe. BDIAP Member Countries are the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Pathologists from other parts of the world may also join, but are expected first to have become members of their local Division of the IAP.

Membership categories for new applicants:

Category Open to Subscription fee as of January 2021
Trainee doctors

Biomedical Scientists who either hold or are in training for either a Master’s degree or the RCPath/IBMS Specialist Diploma in Histological Dissection

Doctors in foundation training in a member country only


*Additional fees apply for subscription to additional journals
** Without access to Histopathology journal. Additional fee applies for subscription to Histopathology

What are the benefits?

As of January 2020 the subscription fee for ordinary members has been reduced to £69 including online access to Histopathology. 

The BDIAP subsidises the subscription fee for trainee and affiliate members. 

Subscription fees are tax-deductible in most countries. 


  • Secure Member Portal with access to member-only content
  • The British Division organises at least three Educational and Scientific Meetings each year. BDIAP members are eligible for reduced registration fees at all IAP meetings and have online access to the presentations and digital slide seminars following BDIAP meetings. The Division is, in the main, composed of practising Histopathologists and meetings are planned accordingly. Current annual meetings include the Molecular Pathology and Approach to Cut Up Study Days, the Annual Joint Meeting with the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland and the Annual Symposium in which a selected subspecialty of Histopathology is dealt with in some depth.
  • Access to wider IAP, plus external Scientific Meetings
  • Reduced registration fees at all BDIAP, IAP and joint BDIAP/PathSoc meetings
  • Dedicated Trainee and Foundation areas


  • Subscription to Histopathology journal - the Society journal, offering many articles of immediate relevance to diagnostic histopathologists including a specially commissioned annual review issue and review articles in each monthly issue (not applicable to Foundation members)
  • Laboratory Investigation journal (additional fee applies - online only +£40.00/year, online and print +£80.00/year)
  • Modern Pathology journal (additional fee applies - online only +£40.00/year, online and print +£80.00/year)
  • BDIAP Newsletter
  • Access to IAP Newsletter

Bursary Opportunities

Opporunities to apply for bursaries and grants to allow attendance at scientific conferences and educational meetings.  

An important aspect of being a BDIAP member is that you will be supporting training in diagnostic histopathology in less well-developed healthcare systems through the BDIAP’s extensive programme of bursaries and training schools that we run in Sri Lanka, the Middle East, East Africa and Bosnia.

Application Process

The BDIAP subscription year runs from January to December. The turnaround time for new applications is 3 weeks. 

To become a member you are required to be nominated and seconded by two members of the Division not in training and subsequently recommended by the Council for election. 

You may attend meetings after applying for membership and prior to election.

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