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In honour of Professor Kristin Henry the Arab British School of Pathology has been renamed to the Kristin Henry School of Pathology.

The original British School of pathology was established in 2005 with the Arab Division of the International Academy of Pathology. This arose through historical links and personal friendships and was driven largely by Professor Kristin Henry who has held various roles with the British Division and the central IAP. These schools have taken place across many of the 22 countries affiliated with the Arab Division in North Africa and the Near and Middle East. The topic areas have been chosen by the Arab Division, at which point the British Division identifies speakers willing and able to travel.

On occasion it has been necessary to cancel or postpone the schools because of the local political situation. However the links have been maintained and in addition to the Schools themselves support for pathologists from this region has been provided to attend meetings in the BDIAP countries and the IAP biennial congresses.

Kristin Henry School of Pathology 2023

The 14th Kristin Henry Arab-British School of Pathology Meeting took place in Amman, Jordan, on 11-12 November 2023. The theme of the meeting was a workshop on Soft Tissue Tumours and the BDIAP invited speaker was Dr Uta Flucke from The Netherlands.

Kristin Henry School of Pathology 2022

The 2022 Kristin Henry School of Pathology took place on 31 March 2022 as a virtual workshop. The theme was Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Applications In Diagnostic Pathology. Lectures are available to view here

For more information visit the Arab Division of the IAP website.