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The Foundation Membership Launch Event

In 2018, the BDIAP launched a new membership category; the BDIAP Foundation Membership. This was aimed at foundation/intern doctors who want to explore a career in histopathology. To support this, we held a launch event on the 2nd June 2018. It was held at the Gordon Pathology Museum (part of Kings College London), which houses one of the best and most extensive pathology collections in the world – a fantastic place for foundation members to get an introduction to histopathology! 

As well as being able to explore this incredible museum, they were provided with talks about what a career in histopathology can offer them, what the training programme consists of, and details of the interview and application process. They were also provided with actual clinical histology cases and microscopes so that they could learn some of the basics of histopathology.

The feedback was very positive for the event and other events are in the process of being organised! Watch this space!!

Foundation Taster Scheme

The newly launched Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) Foundation Taster Scheme is an exciting opportunity for foundation doctors to explore pathology and see what the career has to offer. It combines a clinical taster day in your region with an event held in the RCPath College building, sponsored by the BDIAP.

If you have been considering applying for specialist training in pathology and would like to know more about the different subspecialties of pathology, make sure you register for this event to explore the exciting opportunities that our specialty has to offer you!

For more information visit the RCPath website 

Path to Success

The ‘Path to Success’ event takes place in Newcastle each year and is supported by HEE, RCPath and ACP, organised by Dr Ali Robb (Consultant Microbiologist) and her team. It is aimed at junior doctors and senior medical students and provides them with an opportunity to explore what a career in pathology can offer them. This event was the model for the development of the RCPath/BDIAP Foundation Taster Day which takes place every June!

Attendees receive talks about the different pathology specialties, pathology training, the application and interview process, and they can submit a pathology related poster. They also take part in the ‘Pathology Battle’ where the different specialties showcase the different tests and techniques they can use to help the delegates diagnose an unconscious patient that has been found.

The BDIAP provides promotional materials for the event to encourage foundation doctors to also join the BDIAP.