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The East African School of Pathology evolved through original links with the South African Division of the IAP to which the British Division has had links for many years, providing a speaker on a locally-chosen topic to go to all the University departments in South Africa. It became clear that there was a need to broaden this remit to provide education for the wider countries of East, Central and Southern Africa. These links included sponsoring trainees from these countries to go to South Africa for varying periods of further training and also developing educational programmes for biomedical scientists and medical graduates.

The BDIAP was instrumental with colleagues in the Royal College of Pathologists in establishing the autonomous College of Pathologists of East Central and Southern Africa (COPECSA) and has continued to provide speakers and support for their annual meetings. 

The 14th East African British School of Pathology (EABSoP) due to take place on 7-8 November 2022 in Kampala, Uganda has been postponed. It was held in Naivasha on 6th and 7th of February 2023.