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Applications Open: BDIAP Study Days Bursary

Applications are open for BDIAP Bursaries to attend the Molecular Pathology or Approach to Cut-Up Study Day.  Both meetings will take place at the... Read more

2016 Newsletter Issue 11

Please, see our 2011 Newsletter Issue 6 by clicking the button below: 2016 Newsletter (PDF) Read more

2015 Newsletter Issue 10

Please, see our 2015 Newsletter Issue 10 by clicking the button below: 2015 Newsletter (PDF) Read more

2014 Newsletter Issue 9

Please, see our 2014 Newsletter Issue 9 by clicking the button below: 2014 Newsletter (PDF) Read more

2013 Newsletter Issue 8

Please, see our 2013 Newsletter Issue 8 by clicking the button below: 2013 Newsletter (PDF) Read more