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President's Newsletter

September 2023

I hope you have had a good summer and enjoyed your holidays if you managed to get away. I’d like to welcome the new members of the BDIAP, in... Read more

President's Newsletter

February 2023

Welcome to my first Newsletter as President of the BDIAP. I would like to start by thanking my predecessor, Prof Andrew Nicholson, for his hard... Read more

President's Newsletter

September 2022

On behalf of the BDIAP, firstly I hope that all members had an enjoyable Summer. This will be my last newsletter as President and I hope that you... Read more

President's Newsletter

April 2022

On behalf of the BDIAP, firstly I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Easter break. In relation to our activities in the first quarter of 2022,... Read more

President's Newsletter

January 2022

On behalf of the BDIAP, I wish all members the best for 2022 and sincerely hope that it will be less disrupted than the past 2 years. I start this... Read more