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President's Newsletter

April 2022

On behalf of the BDIAP, firstly I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Easter break. In relation to our activities in the first quarter of 2022,... Read more

President's Newsletter

January 2022

On behalf of the BDIAP, I wish all members the best for 2022 and sincerely hope that it will be less disrupted than the past 2 years. I start this... Read more

President's Newsletter

September 2021

Welcome to the September BDIAP Newsletter, in which we have plenty to report as we all adapt to a post-pandemic life. Alongside our... Read more

President's Newsletter

May 2021

Welcome to the spring edition of the BDIAP Newsletter. I hope that you remain well and are finding life starting to return how it was. Some changes... Read more

President's Newsletter

January 2021

First and foremost, I wish you all a happy New Year, and that 2021 is a better year than 2020. It is not the start to the year that any of us had... Read more