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Dr Katie Allen joined the BDIAP council in 2015. She is an ST3 in histopathology, training in the Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery. She is part of the meetings subcommittee on the BDIAP council. Her role includes the planning and organisation of trainee events at the summer Joint meeting, assisting at other BDIAP meetings, providing social media updates of events and promoting trainee attendance. She is keen on increasing the exposure of junior doctors and medical students to histopathology. She is always keen to hear trainee ideas on what content they would like to see in future meetings, so please get in touch




Dr Abhisek Ghosh joined the BDIAP council in 2020. He is a Histopathology Registrar at the John Radcliffe Hospital and is a Clinical Lecturer in Cellular Pathology at Oxford University. Dr Ghosh is passionate about the role of pathology in a well-rounded general medical education. In addition, he has a research interest in AI and digital pathology.