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Dr Abhisek Ghosh

Abhisek joined the BDIAP council in 2020. He is a Histopathology Registrar at the John Radcliffe Hospital and is a Clinical Lecturer in Cellular Pathology at Oxford University. Dr Ghosh is passionate about the role of pathology in a well-rounded general medical education. In addition, he has a research interest in AI and digital pathology.


Dr Mai Kelleher 

Mai became a Trainee Council Member in 2024. She works in the Thames Valley Deanery as a Histopathology Registrar. She is keen to promote pathology as a speciality through participation in medical education and public engagement events. Mai also has research interests in digital pathology. BDIAP has provided many events and resources that have greatly supported her as a Pathology Trainee and she is excited to help provide such opportunities to other trainees.