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Due to the development of COVID-19, some BDIAP bursaries are still suspended until further notice. If you have any queries please contact the administrative team

These Fellowships are for BDIAP members and are intended to assist study in other laboratories, in the UK or overseas. The aim is that the recipient of a Fellowship should learn about specialist pathological techniques that are not available at their own institution and which have a major educational component.

The maximum value of one Fellowship is £5,000. Applications can be made at any time but must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks before the proposed visit to allow time for the Educational Subcommittee to assess the application.

Application Process

  1. Applications should be made using this online form
  2. Your head of department must complete Form B and return this directly to the administrative office

Form B

Regulations for the Fellowships:

  1. The British Division of the IAP has established Fellowships for Trainee Members of the BDIAP, to enable them to travel to other institutions to learn pathological techniques, especially if the work has a major educational component. Council of the BDIAP will support three such fellowship per year.
  2. BDIAP Educational Fellowships are available for a period of study up to twelve months. It will be seen as an advantage if the fellowship is for an additional stipend and/or travel expenses to augment salary paid by the present employer.
  3. A maximum sum of £5,000 pounds sterling will be allocated to any one person but applications for smaller sums are welcomed.
  4. After its award, a Fellowship must be taken up within the following twelve months. A short report should be submitted to the administrative office of the BDIAP for the Council’s information. This will assist in assessing future awards.