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The BDIAP provides support for training pathologists in the BDIAP Schools Countries (Sri Lanka, East Africa and Arab Schools) and for pathologists in Bosnia. For support for training for pathologists in other countries please go to the main IAP website to find out which IAP Division supports pathology training in your country.

BDIAP Schools Pathologists in Training Bursaries –The British Division of the International Academy of Pathology provides a small number of bursaries each year to permit trainee pathologists from the BDIAP Sri Lankan, Arab and East African Schools to obtain training in one of the countries of the British Division by attending one of the educational meetings of the British Division.

Nermin Durakovic bursary – In recognition of the tireless support that Nermin Durakovic gave to the founding of the Bosnian-British School of Pathology (BBSP), the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology (BDIAP) is delighted to offer a Nermin Durakovic bursary to young Bosnian pathologists for further educational purposes.