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President's Newsletter

September 2021

Welcome to the September BDIAP Newsletter, in which we have plenty to report as we all adapt to a post-pandemic life.

Alongside our colleagues in the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Manchester Pathology was delivered successfully in July as a purely on-line conference, with 676 delegates and 177 abstracts, comparable with levels seen in previous meetings. Thanks go to faculty and co-ordinators from both organisations, especially our Meetings Secretary, Lisa Browning, as well as the local organising Committee of Ray McMahon and Emyr Benbow, the screenshot below from one of their many entertaining debates as the meeting progressed. Selected educational material will be available on-line for registrants until Friday, 8th October 2021.

BDIAP (joint with BAUP) Symposium on Urological Pathology

For our next national educational event, I am very much looking forward to our November meeting which will be held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London on the 5th and 6th November 2021. The symposium topic is Urological Pathology - 'Uropathology in 2021' providing updates ahead of the new WHO blue book, and this is a joint meeting to be held with the British Association of Urological Pathologists. We are delighted to be welcoming a world-class faculty including internationally renowned speakers joining us from overseas. This is a much anticipated return to a live in-person meeting, to be held in London, however we recognise the ongoing need to consider accessibility to our meetings and will be recording the presentations to be made available to registered delegates. These presentations will then in due course, be available as part of our expanding online educational resource for our membership. Given the date, I hope there will be some fireworks amongst the discussions.
This will be also an opportunity to congratulate our medal winners for both 2020 and 2021; Cunningham Medal - Dr Nafisa Wilkinson (2020) and Professor Mary Leader (2021) and President’s Medal - Professor Neil Shepherd (2020) and Professor Alastair Burt (2021), as well as catch up with familiar faces. Meeting information and registration can be found by clicking on the button below. 

View Programme and Register Here

The November meeting will also host our Annual General Meeting, which will be my first as President and, amongst the standard reports, I will present the findings from our Strategy Day, to be held in mid-October after our Council meeting. If any member has a burning issue or idea for improvement in relation to delivery of education and our charitable aims, please contact us using the button below. Elections are also ongoing for new Council members, to be announced in November, so please remember to vote here.

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Congratulations are also directed to the team in charge of Histopathology, which is on a great trajectory with the impact factor increasing to 5.0 and downloads increasing by 26% in 2020, reaching its highest level in the journal history with +500,000 downloads. They saw downloads increase from Europe and Asia in particular, and they continue to see a diverse authorship publishing in the journal. Submission increased substantially in 2020, allowing the journal to grow the number of articles published. Moving forward, they will be looking into free format submission, where authors would not need to format references or other minor changes to fit into the journal format ahead of submission, so do consider submitting to the journal if you have papers at the ready.
To follow the online trend in publishing, starting with the first issue of 2022, Histopathology will only be available to members through online access. We are in the process of contacting those members who still receive a hard copy (of which I am one) and this action will minimize our environmental impact of printing, wrapping, and shipping issues of Histopathology to members, which is in line with our policy on the BDIAP carbon footprint, which can be found on the website.  

BDIAP Schools

Finally, we are now also restarting our meetings abroad, with the East African British School of Pathology to be held in October, the Bryan Warren School of Pathology in November and possibly involvement in a South African meeting in November. These remain virtual for the time being.

Many thanks to all those speakers who have volunteered to participate; Dan Berney, Matthew Clarke, Stefan Dojcinov, Roger Feakins, Cyril Fisher and Khin Thway and special thanks to Eduardo Calonje as International Secretary and our administrative team, Sam and Nabila, for their hard work in getting these events delivered.
I very much look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in November.
Andrew Nicholson

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