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An Overview of The 2022 Approach to Cut-Up Study Day

The 14th BDIAP Approach to Cut-Up Study Day

By Dr Katie Allen
BDIAP Trainees Councillor

The study day took place virtually on 8th March 2022, both Chaired and organised by our Deputy Meetings Secretary, Dr Matthew Clarke. The aim of this day has always been to increase the confidence of histopathology trainees and biomedical scientists in handling surgical specimens.  Macroscopic examination, as ever, is a crucial part of histopathological reporting. Giving a competent and accurate macroscopic description enables us to understand the nature and extent of disease within tissue, and underpins the morphological diagnosis gained in combination with the subsequent microscopic examination.

As with the Molecular Pathology Study Day, the online format was professionally set up and run behind the scenes by Geoff Cross, and we owe him thanks for such a smooth-running day combining both recorded talks with live question and answer sessions where delegates were given the opportunity to put their queries to the speakers.

Pictured above, the third Q&A session of the study day with (clockwise) Dr Matthew Clarke as Chair, Professor Sarah Pinder, Dr Ann Sandison and Dr Mufaddal Moonim

252 delegates registered for the study day from a variety of locations across the world, as well as from our member countries and from the BDIAP schools. An increasing number of specimens are being handled for macroscopic examination by biomedical scientists and advanced practitioners, and it was great to see 41 such registrants.

Feedback from the day has been overwhelmingly positive, praising the “exceptional speakers”, how informative and relevant the material covered was, as well as the variety and broad range of topics included. Many of the talks demonstrated specimens that are rarely received in laboratories and can be tricky for trainees and biomedical scientists to gain experience of when rotating through different types of departments during training. Many delegates, including myself, found this incredibly useful. Although this has been the subject of the trainee-focused study day for some years now, it remains a fresh format suitable for both early and late-stage trainees preparing for the part 2 exam, and all the talks were up to date including recent changes in practice. 

Suggestions on how to improve the day have been reviewed by both the meetings subcommittee and the main BDIAP Council, and there are some very useful suggestions within this constructive feedback being considered for the future.

As a trainee Council member and a delegate I would like to say thank you to Matt for organising such a useful and enjoyable event, especially during a time when plans had been subject to last-minute changes because of the changing picture of Covid-19. Also, thank you to the meetings subcommittee led by Dr Lisa Browning and to our administrators Sam Kiely and Nabila Jamaluddin, who all worked hard to make sure the day could go ahead and was run so smoothly.

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An Overview of The 2022 Approach to Cut-Up Study Day image