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Manchester Pathology 2021 - Keynotes Announced

Details of the keynote sessions for the virtual meeting

We are excited to announce details of the keynote sessions for the Manchester Pathology 2021 virtual meeting.

Tuesday 6 July
The BDIAP Kristin Henry Lecture

Mesenchymal tumours of the uterus: a journey through the last century!
Dr Nafisa Wilkinson, University College London Hospital

Wednesday 7 July
The Pathological Society, Professor Sir Nicholas Wright Lecture

Experimental models of liver cancer genome evolution
Dr Sarah J Aitken, Cancer Research UK - Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge

Thursday 8 July
The Pathological Society, Doniach Lecture

The 'Seed and Soil' hypothesis and its relevance to eye cancer
Prof Sarah E Coupland, Liverpool Ocular Oncology Research Centre, University of Liverpool

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