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The pandemic has had a significant impact on training having affected the trainer and trainee. The traditional apprenticeship training suddenly was no longer feasible as double headed microscopy and  close supervision at  "cut up" became problematic during the "first wave".  Video cameras and teaching by Zoom and Microsoft Teams has fortunately addressed some of the teaching deficiencies but is clearly not a substitute for "face to face" training.

The trainees have been re-deployed onto wards and the ones remaining supporting the service work have had to work across specialties. The negative impact on research has been significant  due to laboratory closures and restriction of numbers within the labs at any one time.

Here are some reports from trainees who have been kind enough to share their experiences candidly. We would like to thank them all for their contributions.

ST1 Report

ST2 Report

ST4 Report

ST5 Report 1

ST5 Report 2

Reflections on research in the COVID-19 era: Crisis and Opportunity