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BDIAP student elective scholarships for undergraduate election or vacation studies in histopathology or related areas

The BDIAP is offering a total of 10 scholarships a year to undergraduate students of medicine as a contribution to enable them to work for elective or vacation periods in departments of histopathology/cellular pathology, molecular pathology or cytopathology in universities, NHS laboratories or research institutes in the UK or overseas. Proposals for work on research projects in histopathology or for acquisition of experience in diagnostic departments are eligible for consideration.

The scholarship will be for £300 per week up to a maximum of 8 weeks (and thus up to a maximum of £2400 pounds GBP Sterling).

Applications will be considered at any time of the year but must be submitted before the start of the proposed elective. The applications are assessed by the Innovation Subcommittee and applicants will be informed of the result within 6 weeks of receipt of their application.

Am I eligible?

Applications are invited from:

  • Member Country Undergraduate Medical Students

Applicants must be an undergraduate medical student from a BDIAP member country (UK, Belgium, Ireland or the Netherlands). 

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the online form below.
  2. Upload Approval from the Head of Department in which the work is to be carried out (example below).
  3. Upload Approval of the Dean of the candidate's Medical School/Faculty (example below).

Please note:

  • Both approval documents must be uploaded when completing the online form. 
  • It is not possible to save and return to the application form. 

Approval Document: Head of Department

Approval Document: Dean

Apply Online

Conditions of the Student Elective

  1. It is a condition of the award that the successful candidate will submit a report on the work undertaken following completion of the project. Report guidelines will be provided to awarded applicants. The report will be made available on the BDIAP website and circulated to BDIAP members via our e-newsletter.

If you have any questions please email Louisa Coulthurst.